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Jun 24, 2009
hindsight1820 Says:
Wow! What a wonderful place. I love to see things like this on You Tube! Its huge!. Reminds me of the house in the movie "Garp".
Apr 6, 2012
Edwin C. Says:
You must be off by a year. Former owner Robert Gerlach vacated the premises is June 1996, and bank/ court approved sale in Nov 1996. House was transferred on Jan 10, 1997 to C. Annette Carr. House was completely vacant from June '96 to Spring '97.
Apr 6, 2012
whimsikalsavage Says:
She really did a wonderful job! The house wasn't vacant in 1996 though,... I had a friend who lived there until 1997. I'm sorry I'm nitpicky lol
Oct 2, 2010
rubberdc Says:
Jeez....your Mum was a genius! What a fantastic achievement!! I loved the music, it set the tone of the video, I found myself tapping my feet as i was thoroughly engrossed in watching this all the way through.
Oct 7, 2010
NormousDixie Says:
Congratulations on a staggering project!
Oct 30, 2012
Thomas Martin Says:
Is this the home down the long driveway across from Winkle Pt Dr? I remember trick or treating there when I was a young boy in the late 60's
Sep 15, 2009
kathie0823 Says:
My friends and I toured this estate during a fundraiser the Carrs hosted for the League for Animal Protection. What a gorgeous estate! It reflects an enchanting bygone Gold Coast era. The estate is grand and elegant, yet charming. The family is wonderful and obviously talented and artistic. Mrs. Carr's sons gave an informative and engaging tour. We left awestruck - didn't want to leave! God bless their mother - what a beautiful woman! Thanks for posting - we will watch over and over.
Nov 24, 2010
Theamarie Mason Says:
Just gorgeous! I love old homes. Houses aren't made with this kind of lasting character any more. Kudos to your mother and her dream come true.

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A Tribute to my mother who realized her dream of buying and restoring an old house as a B&B, but who now has alzheimer's and lacks capacity to understand and enjoy her accomplishment. House is former H.E. Donnell (don-Nell) Estate in Eaton's Neck, NY, a National Register landmark. Video is set ... More

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